Ensure your IT fundamentals

Your end goal is to set up more effective engagements with your customers. Your strategy is ready for it, it is a matter of shaping, delivering, and operating. However, your technology foundation is not yet fully ready for this. It needs to be scalable, affordable, and secure.

Therefore, we do not come empty-handed; we offer digital platform components and even complete platform solutions on which you can run your digital business.
We take care of your fundamentals, if you want us to, so you can focus on realizing your business goals without inventing the technology wheel again.

“Lots of companies are struggling with their technology platform on which the software runs and the data wrangling is done: either it is not functional, not secure, or too expensive to offer a reliable foundation for their digital strategy.”

Itility AI Factory

AI assists the human being in various tasks. When the solution is thought of and the AI model has been proven in the lab, the quest begins for reliable automation of the machine or process. The Itility AI Factory addresses the industrialization of AI: it offers the means to build and operate your application around it fast and reliable, through low code, high code, rules engine, data pipeline, and many more software development building blocks.

Itility Data Factory (IDF)

IDF is the data platform to translate your data into daily intelligence. Data goes in, intelligence comes out. Our data platform gathers data in an automated way, processes it in a repeatable way, applies the models, and offers the results to the software or human eye.
IDF offers the data pipeline to apply, test, and retrain your data processing models. It is the workhorse for your data engineers, data scientists, and reporting analysts.

The platform enables you to incorporate intelligence into your business process on a day-to-day basis. All steps are monitored and controlled; this ensures the delivery of the right intelligence at the right time all the time. The data factory can make your business data-driven in the truest sense, it is the core for turning your data into value. And again supported by a DevOps approach.

Connect with us to discover how our Itility Data Factory solution can benefit you.

Itility Cloud Control (ICC)

An agile and always-on IT foundation is a must to support your digital strategy. IT solutions are becoming mission-critical for your business and thus for your customers. You have to run the old – still functional – legacy and the “new digital” next to each other. An effective IT Operations is still required, also in the digital world.

Integration is a key word here, doing this properly is a true challenge. Connect with us to discover how our Itility Cloud Control solution can benefit you. Cloud Control offers Operations for on-premise or off-premise IT infrastructures, up to and including the applications and software running on top of it. We secure the environment, manage the costs, and apply changes through a DevOps model.

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